Finished Products

K Block Technology offers a variety of lightweight concrete finished products – designed for non-load bearing wall construction. Our products are available for both indoor and outdoor applications and are suitable for all building types – providing value to contractors, architects, engineers and more importantly – owners.

To ensure high quality control and performance, our plant is TIS certified (Thailand Industrial Standard) and is fully automated.

K Block Lightweight Concrete Products

Lightweight Concrete Blocks

K Block Lightweight Concrete Block is a non-structural cement based, lightweight block used in non-load bearing walls.

With a weight 25% of concrete, and use of normal mortar and plaster, our Blocks make building simple and easy


  • 20x60x7cm.
  • 20x60x9cm.
  • 20x60x14cm.
  • 20x60x18cm.

K Panel

K Block Lightweight Concrete Panel is a non-structural cement based, lightweight panel used in internal and external non-load bearing walls.

With this large size, building a wall is quick and it can be coated with either normal plaster or skim coat


  • 240x60x7cm.
  • 240x60x9cm.
  • 240x60x14cm.
  • 240x60x18cm.

Sandwich Wall panels

K Block Lightweight Concrete Sandwich Panel are lightweight panels composed of lightweight concrete in the middle between two cement boards. These panels are used in internal only non-load bearing walls.

Used for internal walls, the panel surface is ready for painting


  • 240x60x9cm.
  • 240x60x11cm.
  • 240x60x16cm.
  • 240x60x20cm.

Lightweight Concrete Key Performance Benefits

Cooler Rooms

Heat insulation properties: 5-10 times better than both clay bricks and normal weight blocks

Heathy Homes

With low water absorption and high pH, K Block products make it more difficult for mould, fungus, bacteria and virus to grow in your home

Easy to Use

Our products can use normal mortar and plaster and have design features making them easy to use

Faster Construction

With low weight and large size - lightweight concrete makes building fast


Product weights are typically about 25% of concrete, and half the weight of bricks

Excellent Sound Protection

With 70% air, your room is protected from both sound waves and impact sounds (ie. walking)

Long Fire Protection

With fire ratings over 4 hours, K Block products offer home owners a safe barrier from trouble

Safe Wall Fixtures

With very small air bubbles, fixtures screwed into K Block products remain strong and firm

Lightweight Block Precast Panel Sandwich Panel Units
Size 20x60x7cm. 240x60x7cm. 240x60x9cm. เซนติเมตร
Weight per item 6 kg 68kg 92kg กิโลกรัม
Weight per m2 96kg 90kg 92kg กก./ตร.ม.
Thermal Conductivity 0.14 0.14 0.14 วัตต์/ม.เคลวิน
Design Feature Rough block faces Tongue and groove locking system Tongue and groove locking system
Finishing Method Normal mortar and plaster Jointing and normal plaster Jointing; surface ready for painting
Location Internal/ external walls Internal/ external walls Internal walls only
Typical Price per m2 wall (product, mortar, plaster, labour) 500 800 900 Baht/ m2

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