With more than 20 years operating our own lightweight concrete plant, K Block Technology offers customers a broad range of knowledge and services to help you successfully use or produce lightweight concrete

Product Lightweight Concrete
Lightweight Concrete has great properties – low weight, high heat/ sound insulation, and is easy to use. Find out more to see how it can make your building/ project faster, easier and with better performance.
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Lightweight concrete- made using cement/ pozzolans, sand and other fillers, water and millions of small strong air bubbles - is a fantastic material that can provide products with a wide range of features and benefits.

Key Property What you get
Cement Based Easy and make/ use Can be made at a factory or on-site
Millions of small air bubbles (closed cell structure) High heat and sound insulation Products can be used in wet areas and external walls
Low weight Densities as low as 75 kg/m3 are possible (3% of the weight of concrete)
Flows like water No vibration needed during placement Few workers needed (cast on site projects)
Easy to make Only need a foam generator, foaming agent and mixer The raw materials are available locally
Thailand only: Equipment available for rent Lightweight concrete sold per m3
Service Lightweight Concrete
While we sell lightweight concrete production equipment and additives, for those Thailand customers looking to use lightweight concrete in their existing production line, we offer a no investment option – K Block supplies the production equipment, additives, a production supervisor and raw materials (if requested) but only charges the customer a price per m3 lightweight concrete produced.


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Frool Topping

Floor Topping with Lightweight Concrete

Spinning drill Air AM & SE-D

ลดน้ำหนักมอร์ต้าด้วย แอร์เอเอ็ม และเพิ่มความแข็งแรงด้วย ผงเพิ่มความแข็งแรง

K Block Air AM

How to use air am to suck air into mortar

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