Customer opens new Lightweight Block Product Line aimed at reducing Global Warming

12 Apr 22


With the effects of Global Warming becoming more and more evident, developing products with low carbon footprints is one great way to help. 

At K Block, we have developed mix designs for lightweight cellular concrete that use up to 90% recycled materials – while still meeting customer needs for both energy savings and physical performance (ie. strength).

The picture to the right is a lightweight block made with 75% recycled materials. It weighs only 6 kg and the production line does not need any stream or heat curing.  Products are cured naturally - outside in the sunlight.

With its’ low weight and high recycled content, this block has a very low carbon footprint and eliminates the use of sand in the mix design (savings natural resources).

Call us today to find out how you can make this lightweight block or how you can decrease your lightweight product’s carbon footprint.

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